What is the macOS Version after Monterey? Should Users Get Excited


macOS, the exclusive operating system that powers up Apple’s Macs, is considered the best, most-optimized operating system by millions of individuals all around the globe.

The way macOS integrates with the internal components of Macs and offers a seamless user experience is fascinating.


To ensure that users never have a dull moment while using their Macs, Apple rolls out a major macOS update every year, which features tons of exciting features and functionalities, and offers numerous upgrades over its predecessors.

Besides this, the annual update also enhances the safety and security of Macs by introducing newer and better safety protocols. 

MAC OS Versions over the years

Over the years, Apple has released tons of mac OS versions. Some of the most popular ones include macOS Yosemite, Mavericks, and Sierra.

The last major update of macOS that came out in 2021, namely macOS Monterey, took the world of Mac users by storm, thanks to the plethora of new features it brought with itself.

One prime example is the upgrades it brought to the native FaceTime utility that millions of Mac users use daily.

Besides this, it also revamped numerous other apps like Shortcuts and Safari and featured upgrades in the Universal Control utility. At the WWDC 2022 event, Apple officially announced the successor to macOS Monterey called macOS Ventura.

Inspired by the city of Ventura in California, the upcoming macOS update will supposedly blow the minds of fans away with its new features and functionalities.

The most prominent features of the upcoming macOS version

This article will cover some of the most prominent features of the upcoming macOS version and shed light on numerous similar aspects. Let us begin:

1. Revamped Mail Application

Even though the native mail application of macOS has been a part of the OS for many years, it has received any major updates.

However, things have changed now. macOS Ventura will feature a new and revamped Mail application with newer and better features.

For example, the app will feature improved Search functionalities, using which macOS users will be able to acquire more accurate results. Besides this, it will also provide suggestions while the user is typing.

Other attractive features that the revamped Mail app will feature include an Undo option, scheduled send functionality, follow-up, rich links, etc. 

2. New and Improved Spotlight

According to Apple, Spotlight is a powerful native utility of macOS that facilitates users to find any item on their Mac without hassle.

With the new macOS Ventura update, Apple aims to enhance the power of useful utility. Its new enhanced image search feature will facilitate users to find images in photos, messages, notes, and other locations without hassle. Besides this, users can also use Live Text to find any image.

Moreover, the app will also feature a refreshing new design. Users will also be able to perform specific tasks quickly using Spotlight. For instance, it will facilitate users to start timers, take notes, etc., without hassle. 

3. Lightning-Fast Safari Browser

Safari is the go-to choice for millions of macOS users when it comes to a web browser. The native browser offers all the necessary features any user could require to have a seamless web browsing experience.

With macOS Ventura, Apple aims to skyrocket the power of the browser and make it the world’s fastest browser.

The Passkeys feature will provide users with a secure and easier way to sign into different accounts. Besides this, the Shared Tab Groups feature of macOS will make it easy for multitaskers to segregate tabs and efficiently arrange them.

Moreover, the feature will allow users to share their tabs and bookmarks with other individuals, FaceTime them and collaborate seamlessly. 

4. Feature-Packed Messages App

If you own a Mac and use the Messages application extensively to communicate with friends or colleagues, the new macOS Ventura will significantly enhance your experience since it brings tons of new features to the Messages app.

One of the most anticipated features of the new Messages app is the unsend or edit a recently-sent message option.

Using it will allow you to unsend any accidental text without hassle or edit already-sent ones to modify its content. Besides this, users can watch content with others using the SharePlay functionality on the Messages application.

Moreover, the app will also facilitate users to seamlessly collaborate with others by allowing them to share notes, presentations, reminders, tabs, groups, bookmarks, etc.

With the new macOS Ventura update, the Messages app on your Mac will become the one-stop solution for all your texting and collaboration needs. 

Final Thoughts

Besides the aforementioned features, macOS Ventura will also introduce numerous enhancements in other apps, including Photos, FaceTime, and Camera, to name a few.

Besides this, macOS Ventura will also offer numerous advanced gaming features that will facilitate Mac owners to indulge in graphic-intense games without hassle.

If you own a Mac and use it as your daily driver for working or performing other tasks, you should be excited about the upcoming macOS update since it will transform your entire user experience and make it more fun and immersive.


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