What Is IV Therapy? | Its Benefits and Other Details     


The residents of San Diego suffer from various mental and physical problems. Take depression, for instance. According to data, it has one of California’s highest prevalences of depression.

Migraine is another problem among the city’s residents, and almost 9.2% reported having a migraine attack regularly. Dementia is also a cause of concern, as data predicts that around 115,00 of its residents will have this disorder by 2030.

IV therapy San Diego is an effective option for treating migraines and depression, improving cognitive functions, and boosting recovery. It delivers the essential nutrients to your body intravenously, providing quick and effective results.

What Is IV Therapy?
What Is IV Therapy?

But how does the process take place? What happens before you receive it? How much does it cost in San Diego? In which ways can your mind and body benefit from it? Read on to know more.

What is IV therapy?

The word “IV” means intravenous, and the therapy involves supplying your body with vitamins and essential nutrients through the veins. Doctors perform the procedure with a 14-gauge or 20-gauge needle after considering various factors.

In San Diego and California, only medical professionals can perform this treatment. The laws allow registered nurses (RN) to carry out the procedure under the supervision of a PA, NP, or physician.

Licensed vocational nurses (LVN) can administer the fluids, provided they complete an intravenous therapy course and obtain a certification.

What makes it so effective?

It is effective because it delivers the nutrients directly to the intracellular environment inside the cell, letting the body absorb the nutrients intravenously fully.

It bypasses the digestive system and the liver’s initial processing system. In doing so, the body ensures the highest bioavailability of nutrients to meet its physical requirements.

How does the procedure take place?

Before opting for the procedure, your doctor in San Diego will hold a pre-appointment consultation. They do that to check your health status and eligibility for the therapy, select the formula during the appointment, and check other essential details.

In which ways are they beneficial?

As mentioned earlier in the article, supplying your body intravenously with nutrients has several advantages, and here are some you should know.

1. It increases the body’s energy levels

It increases energy levels and enhances your mood by supplying Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and amino acids.

2. Strengthens your immune system

The IV formula, which contains zinc, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C, works jointly to strengthen your immunity. The nutrients protect you from falling ill often or catching infections at an increased rate.

3. Detoxifies your system

The formula contains vital nutrients that enable elimination pathways and liver function to work jointly for better detoxification. Weight loss, better hair quality, and overall well-being are long-term benefits.

4.  Provides relief from headaches

It provides relief from headaches by promoting vasodilation and reducing muscle tension. The formula delivers the nutrients to those parts of the body responsible for triggering migraine and headaches.

How much does IV Therapy it cost?

Most clinics in San Diego offer you three levels of therapy to choose from pro-level, max-level, and hydration. While a 100-milliliters pro-level solution costs 90 USD, the price of a max-level solution is 180 USD. A third option is IV hydration, which costs 240 USD.

The drip time for the three formulations varies from each other, from 20–25 minutes for pro-level, 50–60 minutes for max-level, and 80 minutes for hydration.

Bottom Line

These are some details regarding IV therapy in San Diego you should know. If you’re suffering from depression, weak immunity, stress, or blemished skin, you should consider opting for it, as you will notice the mental and physical benefits quickly.


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