Valley Ghost House Secret Exit


Valley Ghost House Secret Exit

If you are feeling stuck at the valley ghost house, you can try the valley ghost house secret exit. There are two ways to get out of the haunted house: the standard exit and the secret exit. The standard exit is through a door, which you must pass to access the P-Switch. The secret exit can be accessed by climbing the vine to the left. This will take you to the left exit. The secret exit will open a second door, which you can use to reach your destination.

Donut Ghost House

The Donut Ghost House is a special part of Super Mario World that you can only access by completing the secret exit of the previous Ghost House, Donut Secret 1. You can access this Ghost Room by heading to the right of the room, then taking the next door. Then, you should hit the yellow block. The P-Switch will appear after you press it. After you do so, a vine will appear, allowing you to proceed to the next area.

The valve of Bowser 3

The Valve of Bowser 3 secret exit is hidden in the Red Switch Palace map tile. This tile is coded into the game’s Valley of Bowser level. The value for the Enable path on the secret exit is Left, so it’s possible to get to this room without having red switch blocks. The game’s designers thought that players wouldn’t need to collect red switch blocks, so they made it accessible from the Vanilla Dome 2.

Choco Ghost House

A secret exit is a good way to clear out Choco Ghost House quickly. There’s only one exit, and it’s not through a door! There are also several ghosts in this house that turn into gray square blocks when you look at them. Fortunately, the Choco Ghost House is designed with a wiki for players to follow as they play. Once you’ve mastered the game’s secrets, you can try to make your way out!

Donut Secret House

The Donut Ghost House is a hidden location on the second island of Super Mario World. To access this hidden area, go to the top-secret area. There are five boxes to choose from. The first two contain Fire Flowers and Feathers, while the middlebox contains Yoshi. If you play as Yoshi, you will get Mushrooms, while small players will get one up mushroom. Here, you will need to use a P-Ballon to access the secret exit.

Forest of Illusion 4

To get to this secret exit in Forest of Illusion 4, you need to make use of a P-Switch. To make this key, you must run into a wall of brown blocks and step on it. Then, you must cross a path, get the key, and bring it to an underwater keyhole. You must be very careful, as Cheep Cheeps are everywhere.


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