Lani Hammett Age – Facts About Lani Hammett and Kirk Hammett


Before she met her future husband Kirk Hammett, Lani Hammett had a relatively low profile. Prior to being engaged to Hammett, she had worked as an undertaker and was an artist at a gay bar. It was her career in the gay scene that made her so popular. In this article, we’ll learn more about Her life and career. In the meantime, you can learn more about Kirk’s ancestry.

Kirk Hammett’s ancestry

If you are wondering about the origin of this American musician, you’re not the only one. Kirk Hammett is also part Irish and has a Filipino mother. He is married to a Filipina named Lani and has two children. In addition to his Philippine origin, he also has English, German, Scottish, and Filipino ancestry. For more information, you can visit the official website of Metallica.

The guitarist was born on November 18, 1962, in San Francisco, California. He was raised in El Sobrante, California, where he met musician Les Claypool. Hammett went to De Anza High School and changed his focus to music. He first became interested in music after hearing about his older brother’s record collection. He began selling macabre magazines to pay for albums and was able to play the guitar by age 15.

Lani Hammett’s career

As an actress, Lani Hammett is now in her 40s. She got married to Kirk Hammett on 31 January 1998. They have two children. Hammett was born in Hawaii and raised by her parents. She has one sister, Carmella Gruttadauro. According to her father, she shares some ancestry with Andrew and Salvatore Gruttadauro.

She has two younger brothers. Angel Ray Hammett was born on September 29, 2006. The other brother is Vincenzo Kainalu Hammett, who is also a lead guitarist in the band “Reckless”. Although he is not a famous musician, he may be carrying on his father’s tradition. His father is a Merchant Mariner. Her close friend, Les Claypool, is also a musician.

Lani Hammett’s relationship with Kirk Hammett

Lani Hammett is the longtime partner of iconic rock musician Kirk Hammett. Both are Scorpios and have been married for nearly two decades. The couple’s relationship is mostly private, with few details on their children and other details on the Hammetts’ family life being public. They have two children, one named Leo and another named Aya. Hammett is also a very private person.

The eldest son is an aspiring musician, while the youngest is Lani’s. Kirk is married to Lani for 18 years. She has been his constant companion, cheering him on throughout his career. Lani is also a supportive figure in Kirk’s life. She once accompanied him to a morgue, where he viewed a body. Kirk also makes sure to spend time with his family.

Lani Hammett’s son’s career as a guitarist

Unlike his famous mother, Lani Hammett hasn’t been active on social media platforms. The mother of exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett briefly joined Twitter in November 2010 and continued to browse through other platforms. But after one year, she left the social network, closing her Facebook account and remaining elusive on the Internet. Lani Hammett married Kirk Hammett on 31 January 1998. They met in a job as undertakers and she brought him along to an autopsy.

Kirk and Lani Hammett are married and have two sons. Angel Ray Keala Hammett is Lani’s oldest child, while Vincenzo Kainalu is Kirk’s youngest. Kirk’s career as a guitarist has come full circle. The musician is now ranked 11th in Rolling Stone’s list of 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

Lani Hammett net worth

Unlike her famous husband, Lani Hammett did not have any notable career prior to marrying Kirk Hammett. The actor had an average life before his marriage, although her popularity skyrocketed afterward. Hammett is not known for her educational background, although she did complete her schooling and graduate from a local college. She also has a sister named Carmella. The actress and singer-songwriter are now worth an estimated net worth of $500 000.

Before meeting Kirk Hammett, Lani worked as a bartender and scenester. She also created leather projects using animals from the hilly regions of California. She and Kirk worked on these projects together, and in 2002, Lani and Kirk launched Kirk Hammett’s line of guitar straps. Their relationship lasted for three years before they got married. Their relationship ended due to personal issues. As a result, Lani Hammett’s net worth is not much different from Kirk’s.


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