How to Get Shaymin and Defog in Pokémon GO


Shaymin can be found in the Mythical category. There are several ways to obtain the sassy little creature. Read on to discover how to get Sky Forme Shaymin in Pokémon GO! Here are some of the easiest ways to obtain Shaymin! Once you have the flower, you can then catch your first Mythical Shaymin! And don’t worry, Defog is easy to get too!

Can you still get Shaymin?

If you’ve been searching for Shaymin, you’ve probably come across the Floaro Gardens, where you can catch the skittish Pokemon from a bed of Gracidea flowers. If you are curious about how to catch Shaymin, read on to learn how you can get him using a high-grade Poke Ball. You can also find him in a circle of dead earth in the Floaro Gardens by picking up an A Token of Gratitude. When you get close to the flower, it will spawn as a Shaymin, allowing you to swap between their two forms.

The first step in obtaining Shaymin is to find a garden where you can grow the flower. You can easily locate this area using Google maps. You should go to the Flaro Gardens in order to see Medi, who will recognize the location from his memory and shout “Thanks!”. This will also bring the Gracidea flower back to life. After Medi has rewarded you with a Gracidea Flower, you should battle Shaymin. You can use a variety of sneaking techniques to sneak up on Shaymin, such as crouching in a back strike technique. Once you have hit your mark, the battle will begin!

Mythical Pokemon Shaymin

In the game Pokémon: The XY Generation, the Mythical Pokemon Shaymin has been introduced. This frog-like Pokémon has large wing-like ears and pink petals on its shoulder. It migrates through the Flower Carrying method and leaves a trail of flowers wherever it lands. This Pokemon comes in two forms, land and sky. Land forms are skittish and the sky form is more confident.

Although it’s hard to get, it’s not impossible to catch this bulky monster. It has good offensive stats, a well-rounded move set, and a decent moveset. Unfortunately, the event for the Shaymin has ended and it’s become extremely difficult to get one. The majority of Shaymin found in game stores are either originals from the event, or duplicated versions. In the game’s Wii U version, however, you can only obtain a single Mythical Pokemon at a time.

Sky Forme Shaymin

Pokémon fans can visit the website Pokémon.fansite.com to learn more about Sky Forme Shaymin. This fan site is like a wiki, and has information about many different Pokémon. You can read up on the different moves that this character can do as well as other useful information. If you’re not a fan of the anime, you can always check out fan sites. Here are some great sites to visit when researching the Pokémon that you’re playing.

While Shaymin’s Land Forme is a familiar animal, the Sky Forme is completely different. It has a canine appearance and a mohawk-like style of fur. It also has ears like a Mohawk, and two flowers growing from its head. When it is relaxed, Shaymin can transform into a flower. If it is disturbed, it transforms back into its Land Forme.


If you want to use Defog to make your route through the Grand Underground clear of foggy mist, you need to talk to a green-haired NPC. This move makes certain routes clear so that you can see items you’d otherwise miss. This move can be obtained after defeating the Water type Gym Leader Crasher Wake. It will be your best friend throughout the game.

Route 224 can be accessed by heading up the upper-east exit of Victory Road. Once you’re in this region, team up with Marley, a trainer who is located at the base of the area. As you approach the cave, make sure to remain on the right side. Defog is strongly recommended. Once inside, you’ll need to push a boulder with Strength. Before you push it, save the game and then press Up on the D-Pad.

Oak’s Letter

The game’s newest reward, the infamous Oak’s Letter, has been released for the Nintendo Switch. This mysterious item will be available in BDSP on March 27. After that date, you can catch Shaymin whenever you want. To get it, you must have a national dex to play the game. You can find more details on how to get the reward below. Also, keep in mind that the Oak’s Letter will not be distributed again until March 27, 2022.

Getting Shaymin in Pokémon GO is fairly simple. First, you need to meet Professor Oak in Route 224. Once you do, you will see a white stone with notes. Once you’ve met Professor Oak, you’ll need to write a note on the white stone and return it to the professor. Upon receiving the note, Professor Oak will ask you a question and open up the Seakbreak Path.


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