How to Find and Remove a Dead Possum From the Backyard or Roof


Possums are standard visitors to the nurseries of Melbourne, especially the ordinary brushtail and normal ringtail possums. The two of them are evening time animals, be that as it may, brushtail possums are about the size of a cat, with worn-out dull tails, thick faint shaded stowaway, and enormous ears, while ringtails are in like manner pale in variety, yet are humbler, with little tears, and slim, white-tipped tails.

How to Find and Remove a Dead Possum From the Backyard or Roof
How to Find and Remove a Dead Possum From the Backyard or Roof

How to stop possums from running onto rooftops?

Possums normally may be on your rooftop consistently for three reasons. They live on your rooftop or utilize your rooftop to get from one point to another.

As far as how to stop possums running on a rooftop, it very well may be interesting as you can’t prevent them from strolling across electrical cables, and afterward, they will undoubtedly utilize overhanging trees to get to your rooftop, so the arrangement is to scale back trees from the roofline.

Another issue is enhancing grid highlights and deck posts which possums can use to ascend and down off your rooftop.

For this situation, consider putting some plastic or smooth metal around these so they can’t hold and ascend or down these elements.

Role of a possum on climate

The job of possums on climate is as per the following:

  • Make a Mess – possums will go through trash searching for food. They are more uncertain than raccoons to open and upset garbage bins yet cheerfully find and consume any available junk or manure.
  • Eat Plants in Your Garden – While possums can help your nursery by consuming bugs, they could also eat your harvest of vegetables and natural products or stomp over your plants.
  • Assault House Pets or Children – Usually, possums answer any danger by pretending to be dead. Notwithstanding, similar to any creature, they can protect themselves by murmuring and gnawing now and again, so possibly moving toward them could bring about injury. Kids should be instructed not to pet or take care of natural life, and felines and canines should be checked when outside to forestall any experiences with a possum.
  • Kill Chickens – Possums have gained notoriety for breaking into chicken coops to eat the chickens and the eggs. This isn’t an ordinary way of behaving, as other food sources are much of the time more helpful.
  • Kick the bucket – Possums, as different warm-blooded animals, may die on a property in the event that they’re there excessively lengthy. Dead possum removal can cause bother issues, illness, upsetting scents, and then some.

How would I opt for dead possum removal?

As far as how to dispose of possums on a rooftop, there are a few choices; however, it is indispensable to every one of them to deny possums admittance to your rooftop space and recognize the passage point and leave focus.

A straightforward method for seeing if a possum is utilizing an opening in the rooftop depression of your house is to freely scrunch up a couple of sheets of paper and drive them into any openings you find.

If a possum involves it as a passage point, it will push them far away when it arises at nightfall. Be that as it may, the interaction might be rehashed even after a possum has been taken out and an entry fixed off as they might be utilizing various section focuses.

Whenever you’ve decided on any section focuses, you really want to seal them to prevent the possum from returning. This should be possible with strong sheeting, wood, or solid lattice; nonetheless, chicken wire isn’t suggested since, in such a case when not entirely settled to get back in, they can, without much of a stretch, draw off the wire with their solid paws.

Likewise, you ought to manage backyard vegetation overhanging the rooftop simultaneously to eliminate admittance to other conceivable section focuses.

Here is a portion of the unmistakable ways of picking dead possum expulsion:

1. Electronic gadgets

Possums like to rest in obscurity, so putting a light in the rooftop pit and turning it on for a few days and evenings might prevent them from returning.

There is additional movement actuated ultrasonic gadgets accessible that are set off once a possum crosses the sensor, which might alarm possums away.

2. Food sources

Possums come to those homes where food is not difficult to acquire, so eliminating food sources can make your property less engaging.

Keep the tops of trash canisters closed, keep your BBQ clean, feed your pets inside if conceivable, and tidy up extra food and water once your pet has been taken care of.

3. Solid smelling substances

Sprinkling sanitizer or showering quassia chip arrangement around the fixed-off entry will cover the possum’s fragrance and may deter the possum from attempting to get back in. Possums additionally will generally loathe smells like garlic, mothballs, and alkali.


Conducting dead possum removal isn’t an easy task. However, if you do not want to opt for it, you should consider reaching out to professionals like 1800possums. With expertise in this area, they will ensure to conduct the removal process on your behalf.

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