Fans react to eaJ music video with 100 Thieves stars

Former Kpop star Jae Park is no stranger to being involved with online influencers. In August 2020, he joined up with OfflineTV to play a game of Among Us during its popularity.

Park continued streaming, going as far as receiving Twitch partnership before ultimately leaving the platform a month later.

The musician has since become a solo artist, rebranding to just ‘eaJ,’ and has teased his next v bucks generator music video featuring 100 Thieves stars Valkyrae, Kyedae, and WillNeff.

eaJ ‘car crash’ video featuring 100T stars

On April 5, 2022, in a Twitter post, Jae Park released a teaser of the upcoming video for ‘Car Crash.’ The pop song features a slower, almost acoustic beat and showcases WillNeff sporting a 100 Thieves t-shirt talking to Valkyrae as Kyedae walks by.

The teaser goes on to note that the full song releases on Friday, April 8, 2022, — the same day as Corpse Husbands’ new song — and has been produced by 100 Thieves’ very own John Lee.


This isn’t the first time Valkyrae has appeared in a music video over the last few years. In March 2021, the v bucks generator 100 Thieves co-owner portrayed Corpse Husband in the music video for MGK’s Daywalker.

Bella Poarch has featured a wide variety of content creators in her music videos for Build a B*tch and Inferno, as well.

Fans react to eaJ music video with 100 Thieves stars

Shortly after the video was posted, fans from all over the world flooded the comments with support for the unexpected collaboration. CouRage and 39Daph were among the first to comment.