Cookie run Kingdom Tier List {May 2022} Best Cookies for PVP, PVE, Guild Battle


Cookie run Kingdom Tier list updates for May 2022 are available here: As the new cookie comes the tier list and cookies ranking tier are also updated on the basis of their power & strategy. If you want to create your dream cookies kingdom team and want to win every battle against cake monsters on every battlefield then this CRK new tier list will help you a lot to build the Best cookies team and help to choose the best cookies for your kingdom to invest in. Here you can check Cookie run kingdom PVP (Story mode) Tier list, PVE (Arena mode) tier list and Guild battle mode tier list 2022.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Maker (May 2022)

If you also want to spend some gems on cookies then, this cookie rank list will be a key point to invest some valuable gems on good cookies that in future will help to build your strong teams. As a team-building gacha RPG, how you outfit your units will dictate how useful they are in your team. There are 30+ cookies and lots of combinations that you can try by following this top to the bottom rank of every cookie depending on a game mode like PvE Tier list for story mode, PvP Tier list for Kingdom Arena mode and lastly Guild Battle mode. In every mode, cookies work strenth and role vary so check the tier list of CRK Mode wise.

Cookie run kingdom latest Updates

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Here is the mode wise best crk tier list maker Reddit of strongest cookie for all cookies characters (UPDATED):


Cookie Run Kingdom PvE Tier List Story Mode

Here is the cookie run kingdom tier list topping for PvE (player versus environment) CRK Story mode. Tier rank from Top (SS) to bottom (E) Mentioned below

Cookies Tier Ranking list of Cookies
SS-Tier Sea Fairy Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Cotton Cookie
S-Tier Vampire Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Licorice Cookie
A-Tier Rye Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Herb Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Mango Cookie, Latte Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie
B-Tier Red Velvet Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Custard Cookie III, Mint Choco Cookie, Sonic Cookie, Tails Cookie
C-Tier Milk Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Fig Cookie, Chili Pepper Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Princess Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Almond Cookie
D-Tier Knight Cookie, Avocado Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Devil Cookie, Blackberry Cookie, Gumball Cookie, Adventurer Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, Clover Cookie, Pancake Cookie, Onion Cookie, Carrot Cookie
E-Tier Angel Cookie, Strawberry Cookie, Muscle Cookie, GingerBrave cookie, Ninja Cookie, Beet Cookie, Wizard Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom PvP Tier List (Kingdom Arena Mode)

Here is the cookie run kingdom tier list topping for PvP (player versus player) CRK Kingdom arena mode. Tier rank from Top (SS) to bottom (E) Mentioned below

Cookies Tier Ranking list of Cookies
SS-Tier Hollyberry Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie
S-Tier Sorbet Shark Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Rye Cookie
A-Tier Mala Sauce Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie
B-Tier Black Raisin Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Latte Cookie, Mango Cookie
C-Tier Dark Choco Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Fig Cookie, Herb Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie
D-Tier Milk Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Sonic Cookie, Tails Cookie
E-Tier Chili Pepper Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie
  • gingerbrave topping: Almond Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, GingerBrave
  • Best Attack speed cookies: Madeleine Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom Guild Battle Tier List

Here is the cookie run kingdom tier list topping for PvP (player versus player) CRK Kingdom arena mode. Tier rank from Top (S) to bottom (E) Mentioned below

Cookies Tier Ranking list of Cookies
S-Tier Dark Choco CookieSorbet Shark CookieVampire CookiePoison Mushroom CookieLicorice CookieCotton Cookie
A-Tier Black Raisin CookieRye CookieCocoa CookiePure Vanilla CookiePumpkin Pie CookieParfait CookiePomegranate CookieKumiho Cookie
B-Tier Mala Sauce CookieStrawberry Crepe CookieRaspberry CookieSea Fairy CookieHollyberry CookieAlmond Cookie
C-Tier Herb CookieEspresso CookieSquid Ink CookieMango CookieTwizzly Gummy CookieLatte CookieFrost Queen Cookie
D-Tier Snow Sugar CookieChili Pepper CookieSparkling CookieMadeleine CookiePastry CookieLilac CookieMint Choco CookieMoon Rabbit Cookie
E-Tier Purple Yam CookieRed Velvet CookieTiger Lily CookieMilk CookieWerewolf CookieFig CookieCream Puff Cookie

About Game: Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action role-playing game by Devsisters and a spin-off serving as the sixth game within the overall Cookie Run franchise.

Cookie run kingdom Best teams 2022

Here is the best team according to ‘mrguide‘ with their role & strenght:

  • Best Front Line Characters To Use In Team: Raspberry Cookie(Charge), Madeleine(Defense), Dark Choco Cookie(Charge), Strawberry Cookie(Defense), Hollyberry Cookie(Defense)
  • Best Middle Line Characters To Use In Team: Lilac Cookie(Support), Sorbet Shark Cookie(Ambush), Sea Fairy Cookie(Bomber), Espresso(Magic), Latte(Magic), Licorice(Magic)
  • Best Rear Line Characters To Use In Team: Cotton Cookie(Healer), Pure Vanilla Cookie(Healing), Vampire(Ambush), Mint Choco(Support), Herb(Healing), Rye(Ranged), Black Raisin(Ambush), Mango(Magic), Parfait Cookie(Support), Almond Cookie(Support)

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Final words: Here is the best cookie run kingdom best toppings for cookies and Content wise CRK Tier list guide that we had made by doing a lot of research and experience. We are also going see some upcoming cookies in crk like fire spirit cookie and knight cookie. You can also share your view about cookies ranking on the below comment box. This page will update instantly whenever new cookies introduce by  Devsisters in CRK Game for 2022 years.


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